Podcast 41: Davies’s Davies, Davies & Davies Vs the Davies bunch

by Geoff on February 15, 2013

One things for sure once a match of football has finished: there’s gonna be another one soon. Next up for Eddie Davies’s squad including Kevin Davies, Craig Davies & Mark Davies…. is Billy Davies’s team. I know! It’s officially a Davies-fest! … well, not officially but if there were such a thing as a ‘DaviesFest’, a football alternative to Reading or Glastonbury, THIS would be it…

Annnyway, in this weeks Podcast folks featuring is:

  • The Quick-Fire review: That Watford, & those Burnley
  • TransferZone: The window’s shut, so lets have a peak at how we did (& hark back to some memorable signings of the past)
  • Know Your Enemy: What’ll we find in the Forest hey? Will they be Robin’ us of points? (…./sigh\)
  • Quid On It: We have a quick update & tip where you might wanna lose, erm I mean win… win.., a few more quid.

…& a bit of waffle along the way, as ever.

Clicky-click the link below to get listening, we hope you enjoy!

The Men In White – 15th of February (41)

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